Fees and terms

Design consultations

Consultations are charged at £50 per hour for the first hour of an initial consultation and subesquent hours are charged at £25 per hour or part thereof, an initial consultation generally lasts 1.5-2hrs.


Home decoration blueprints

Home decoration blueprints are charged in the same way as consultations for the time spent at the property and an hourly rate applied to putting the follow up paperwork together.  Obviously, this varies dramatically depending on the size and complexity of each property, but an average plan will come in at around £150, including consultation.


Personal shopping

Personal shopping is charged at an hourly rate of £25 per hour or part thereof.


Home organisation & de-cluttering

This is a more time consuming process, sessions are booked in 2 hour slots at £40 per session.  A full cleaning service is available alongside the de-cluttering, prices are quoted separately for this depending on the specific requirements of each job.  Please contact us for more information.



Both interior design workshops are £45 each,  payable in advance and  non refundable unless cancelled by Shirley Blanch Interiors.  Individual tuition and group discounts are available please contact us for more information.


Earth Acupuncture

Due to the health implications of seeking out geopathic stress I am now only taking on 2 properties per month to survey and treat, please contact me for a personalised quotation.   Space clearing and house blessings are also available, please contact us  for more information.



All fees are payable in full on the consultation day itself, except for workshops which are fully payable in advance to secure a place.  Payments by cash or cheque only with cheques made out to  Shirley Blanch.  Whilst prices may be subject to change they will always be confirmed in advance by writing prior to a visit.  Prices are inclusive of all travelling costs within a 20 mile radius.  Consultations outside of this are subject to additional travelling expenses which will be quoted for in advance.  Please contact us for further information.