Interior Design Consultations

From minor decor changes to full re-furbishments, our design consultations are completely flexible and charged hourly to suit your individual requirements and budget. Please visit our Prices page for more information on fees and terms.

Home decoration blueprints

Imagine never making a decorating mistake again!  We offer a unique home decoration blueprint service detailing which colours, window treatments, lighting and overall style to choose based on your home and personal taste, you can then refer back to this, as and when you wish, enabling you to move forward whenever you’re ready.

Home organisation & de-cluttering

Whether it’s paperwork that has got out of hand, downsizing, or bereavement, there are many reasons why so many of us end up with excessive clutter.

We should all get a huge amount of joy from the things we own, but sometimes we can get overwhelmed by the amount of possessions we have and this can create a negative impact on our lives and cause the energy in our homes to stagnate?.  If you feel stuck or unable to see a way forward in your life it could well be due clutter draining the energy from you.

Of course it’s hard to let things go which is why we offer a unique and gentle approach to the subject of de-cluttering and space clearing. You will be encouraged, but never pushed into making decisions about the pace and scale of re-organisation you wish to take.

We have a number of techniques at our disposal and will choose the right one to help you take the next step forward to creating a home that you love.

For more information or just an informal chat please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Home staging

If you are looking to sell your home, first impressions count.  Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to look at your property from the perspective of a potential buyer.  We can help you maximise the selling potential of your property with a few simple techniques and changes.  We also work in conjunction with an experienced landscape gardener who specialises in home presentation, should the outside of your property require attention.  Please contact us for further information.